Contributing to the Frenz Website

This page is not intended for the general public, though it is publicly available via the url which can be shared with people that are interested in contributing to the web site.


We use WIX as the web site hosting service.  To contribute you will need a WIX account and you login at

To get a WIX account an administrator (e.g. needs to add you as a user.


To do this, the administrator selects 'Manage and Edit SIte' then 'Main Menu' then 'Settings' then 'Roles and Permissions' then 'Add a Contributor'.  In that section they can add your email address and should select 'Admin' and check 'Can Publish Site'.   This results in an invitation email being sent.


On receiving the invite email from 'WIX Team' click 'Accept Now' then login to WIX.  You'll be prompted to create a new WIX account, or login if you already have a WIX account.  Follow that process and login.


Once logged in, select the 'Frenz' site then click 'Manage and Edit Site' then click 'Edit Site' which launches the WIX editor.  


For every page of the web site there is a French version and an English version.  You can see the various pages in the 'Page' dropdown at the top left of the editor.  The naming convention is to use an English word (e.g. 'Home') for the english version of the page and the English word plus '-FR' for the french version (e.g. 'Home-FR').  This ensures the pages stay together in the pages dropdown and that it remains clear which is a translation of which.  


Using WIX to create pages is relatively self explanatory.  The one area that requires explanation is how we handle the bilingual menu, because this is not a standard WIX feature (WIX does not have good bilingual support, nor did its competitors at time of writing).  We DO NOT use standard WIX menus (which are monolingual only).  Our menu is a series of WIX buttons with each button having a link to the correct page.  The English menu is a series of buttons that point to the English pages, the French menu is a series of buttons that point to the French pages.  The 'EN|FR' at the right of the menu is also two buttons - one pointing to the English version of the current page, the other pointing to the French version of the current page. 


When creating a new page, follow the usual WIX process, but note that the menu must be created manually by copying a menu from another page of the same language.  A new button must then manually added to each of the other pages in that language.  RIght-click on this button and deselect "Show on all pages" so that the french buttons do not show in the english menus and vice versa. As this is a relatively complex process it is desirable to keep the number of pages low and leverage the fact that WIX does a good job of handling long pages - i.e. it is better to create a lot of content on one page and let users scroll.  This is generally better for usability anyway (especially on mobile).

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