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Bilingual Programmes


0 to 5 year old

In Auckland, there is a French playgroup, which operates 100% in French: Les Petits Lascars. Visit their website for more info.

Frenz is currently exploring the possibility of opening French daycares in Auckland. More to come soon! 

5 to 11 year old

In our partner schools, children are taught the New Zealand curriculum in French and in English. With bilingual education, children become more than bilingual: they become fully biliterate, with native speaker proficiency in all academic subjects in both French and English.


All the teachers are native French speakers and registered to teach as primary school teachers in NZ.


11 to 13 year old

Kowhai Intermediate in Auckland is the only intermediate school in New Zealand offering a bilingual programmes for children in Year 7 & 8.


Who is Bilingual

Education for?

who is it for?

The programme is best suited for children who already have a basis in the French language. This ensures they can receive the best education possible while progressing through the curriculum. It is not a programme designed to learn French but rather to learn in French. On the flip-side, children do not need to know English. Most schools provide non-English speakers with extra support (called ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages). 

Certain schools accept international fee paying students while others only accept NZ citizens/permanent residents or children of work visa holders.

Most schools accept children through out the school year, while others only accept children in February of the current school year.

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