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Frenz is a not-for-profit organization helping public schools across New Zealand open and operate quality French-English bilingual programmes. The bilingual units are fully integrated within each school, with students participating in all aspects of school life.

Bilingual education offers children the opportunity to become proficient in all academic subjects in both languages.  

How Frenz Helps?


Our volunteers are parents of children in the bilingual programmes. They support your children by helping in the library, fundraising and finding stagiaires to come help teachers in the classroom


We provide schools with:

-All the French-language learning resources

-A French library onsite

-Financial support

-Enrollment process support


We maintain relationships with various embassies and promote bilingual education in New Zealand online and at events such as the French Festival

Helping units off the ground

We support parent groups
interested in opening a bilingual

programme in their community. We apply for grants to help schools set up new units. 


interested in a bilingual programme in your school or community?


Seal of Quality

We help schools apply and maintain the LabelFrancÉducation, a seal of quality  awarded by the French Ministry of Education that validates the French-language skills of children outside France’s school system

Meet The Frenz Committee

Frenz is governed by a committee, all elected from Frenz members for a mandate of one year, which can be renewed. The committee members are all volunteer parents and presently consists of a treasurer,

2 co-presidents and a representative from each school offering a bilingual programme. Frenz employs a

manager to run the association.



Frenz Manager

Elsa was born in France to a French mum and a Kiwi dad.

10 years ago, she came for what she thought would be a gap year. But married a Kiwi and never returned to live in France!

She currently has 2 daughters at l'Archipel.




Estelle is one of the Frenz president. She has 2 set of twins, all currently attending L'Archipel at Richmond Road School. 




Kristina's son attends L'Archipel since January 2020. She calls her family "citizens of the world" as New Zealand is the 5th country her family has moved to for work. Kristina is originally from the Philippines and her husband Yvan is from Saint Etienne, France.  


Richard & Elodie

La Découverte

Unit Representatives

Elodie grew up in Paris, while Richard's home was Auckland. They met while both working for Medicine Sans Frontiers MSF (Doctors without Borders). They came to NZ to start their family, and now their four children attend La Découverte in Christchurch.



L'Étoile du Nord Unit Representative

Vivien was born in France. After living for 5 years in the Philippines, where he met his wife and they had a daughter, he and his family moved to New Zealand in 2014.

His daughter attends Etoile du Nord in Auckland. At home, they speak French, Tagalog and English.



Kowhai Intermediate

Unit Representative

Karen is a bilingual Canadian whose husband got a job in Auckland. She arrived in early 2020, shortly before the first Covid-19 lockdown. She is thrilled to be in New Zealand, especially because both her children are able to continue the bilingual education they started in Canada. Her older daughter goes to Kowhai Intermediate and her younger daughter to Birkdale North.

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Ruru La Chouette Unit Representative

Geneviève is originally from Quebec (Canada), but has been living in Wellington since 2004. She met her Kiwi partner Dean on the very first day she arrived in New Zealand and the rest is history! She is the mother of two boys: Sun, who attends Ruru La Chouette at Rigway School, and Lennox, who will join his borther in 2021.



L'Archipel Representative

Axelle and her husband have two daughters attending l'Archipel. They have returned to New Zealand in 2020 after a few years of travels. Both are very grateful to have a french community and school system around them allowing their daughters to learn and feel french even on the other side of the world. 



Preschool Development Committee

Andrew and I arrived in Auckland with our two girls in 2017 from Australia. Quickly we looked at French education options and discovered Les Petits Lascars and Frenz. So grateful that these associations exist we wanted to help and got involved in both ever since.

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How it 


Frenz has been making

French-English bilingual education

a reality in NZ since 1994.​


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