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Joining one of our bilingual units include two types of fees:

  • Frenz Membership and donation

  • School cost (specific to each partner school)


frenz Membership and



The membership gives your family access to any of our school libraries



Donations help Frenz to buy ressources, manage classes, create and support new bilingual units... 

More details about the donations and how they are used  at the end of this page.

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School cost comparison

* If your family will arrive in New Zealand on a visitor visa, your child will need a student visa if he/she will study in New Zealand full time and for longer than three months.

Not all school can take international students and the schools that do charge a fee.

Your child will not be considered as an international student if your family arrives in New Zealand with a work visa. 

Find out more information on the New Zealand Immigration website.

About bilingual education cost

The schools offering French-English bilingual education are publicly funded and as such, are free for children with a NZ passport or permanent resident visa or if at least one of the parent is entering on a work or student visa.  Note that some schools ask for a small annual administrative donation

(see school cost comparison table above). 

However, the French learning resources needed to provide a quality bilingual education are not covered by the Ministry of Education as French is not an official language of New Zealand. This is where Frenz comes in!

We provide each school with all their French learning resources and maintain well stocked libraries onsite.

All families with children participating in the bilingual programmes are required to become Frenz members

to access our French resources and are encouraged to make yearly donations directly to Frenz. 


Members of the public and businesses wanting to support our programmes are also welcome to become

Frenz members or make donations.

thANK YOU!! 

Without your donations, bilingual education would not be possible in New Zealand. ​

How are the donations used?

pie chart - cost.png


Resources, DELF exams, training/professional development.



Creation and support of new bilingual units.



Promotion of bilingual units & FRENZ, Stakeholder management (embassies, schools), Partnerships.



Book keeping, applying for grants, create/update processes, administration of FRENZ.



Insurance, bank charges, storage, accounting and legal fees.

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