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school overview

The French-English unit at Burnside Primary School is called La Découverte. Frenz helped establish La Découverte in 2017.

Burnside Primary School is a publicly funded school in Christchurch’s Ilam suburb, just a few minutes from the University and 10 min from downtown.  Discover La Découverte.

central school

Burnside Primary School has about 300 students and is located in a vibrant neighbourhood.

Children from all over Christchurch can enrol at La Découverte and start at any time of the year.

Green space & culture

Our school has expansive tree-enclosed, grass playing fields, and several hard-court spaces ensuring lots of physical activity opportunities. Musical (instruments and choir groups) and cultural opportunities are also at the heart of the school.

Bilingual class structure

The NZ curriculum is taught  in French (2/3 of teaching time) and in English with their peers in the English speaking classes (1/3 of teaching time). The goal is that at the end of Year 6 the students can fluently speak, write and read in both French and English.

Enrolment process

(for citizens, permanent residents and work visa holders)

Enrolment process

(for citizens, permanent residents and work visa holders)

enrol your

children at

Burnside primary School

Fill and return the enrolment form for La Découverte.

No deadline, children can enroll and start at any time through out the school year.

Become a 

Frenz member

Fill our online Frenz membership form 


contact the Frenz manager at

complete the Language


A Frenz representative will contact you to schedule a language evaluation if applicable

international students

Burnside Primary School Principal: 

Justin Perriam


Frenz representatives for 

La Découverte: 

Richard and Elodie 


(French or English)



burnside primary School

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